Keane Analytical Ltd    Consultant Chemical Analysts
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Keane Analytical Ltd are consultant chemical analysts who offer a range of analytical services to the pharmaceutical, consumer healthcare and chemical industries

We provide high quality GMP analytical support to our customers for samples ranging from raw materials to finished drug products. We are able to offer a range of analytical services including method development and validation, followed by long term stability trials of the finished product. The stability storage facilities are located on site and cover all ICH conditions. To complement the analysis, the directors and analytical staff have the necessary experience to provide technical consultancy back up. In this way, the customer can receive all necessary support from product development through to product launch.

With regular audits by the MHRA and our customers, our high quality standards are maintained at all times.

 Keane Analytical Consultant Chemical Analysts lab testing    Keane Consultant Chemical Analysts lab processing test using sensitive instruments

Keane Analytical has continued to grow over the last thirteen years and now have a reputation, within the industry, of being one of the best independent small contract laboratories providing high quality analytical services.
  • Consultant Chemical Analysts
  • Pharmaceutical testing laboratory
  • Pharmaceutical analysis laboratory
  • Chemical testing laboratory
  • Chemical analysis laboratory
  • Pharmacopoeial testing laboratory
  • Pharmacopoeial analysis laboratory
  • GMP laboratory
    Keane Analytical Consultant Chemical Analysts lab testing
  • MHRA accredited
  • High quality standards at all times
  • Full range of analytical services
  • ICH storage facilities
  • Method development and validation
  • Experienced staff
  • Flexible and reliable approach
  • Customer confidentiality assured
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