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The directors are joint (50/50) shareholders who are both involved in the daily running of the company in their separate roles: Dr Jane Riseborough is the Quality Assurance Manager and Dr Kevin Walker is the Laboratory Manager. Both directors have always been scientists, practising within a wide variety of analytical disciplines, accruing more than 45 years of direct analytical experience between them.

Technical Staff

All analytical staff are high quality graduates from a chemical, pharmaceutical or medicinal discipline. Once they join the company they undergo an objective nine point training programme designed to document their competence in key areas including cGMP rules and regulations. Within the laboratory, there are Senior Analytical Chemists who have been chosen for their analytical experience, noted attention to detail and their chemical knowledge. The Senior Analysts provide technical support to the other members of staff and take on the more challenging analytical roles.

Dr Jane Riseborough and Dr Kevin Walker

Originally worked for SmithKline Beecham on their manufacturing site at Fawdon, Newcastle upon Tyne.

At the end of 1995, following re-organisation within SmithKline Beecham, they decided to set up an independent company to provide analytical support services.

The business became incorporated as Keane Analytical Ltd in November 1997 and began trading on 1 January 1998 on a small business park in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear. The customer base gradually increased to the current status of more than 30 pharmaceutical and chemical companies, covering a wide range of techniques and analyses.

 Keane Analytical data processing    Keane Analytical data input

As the customer base, equipment level and staff increased, Keane Analytical required larger premises and relocated to the current business site, on Vallum Farm, in May 2002. This facility satisfies all the requirements for a professional laboratory with the benefit of being in a very pleasant rural location.

Our committed team of experienced staff ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.
    Keane Analytical testing oven
  • High quality science graduates
  • Fully trained staff
  • Comprehensive training records maintained
  • Experienced team with a wide range of skills
  • Accurate and precise measurements
  • Confidential service
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