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Keane Analytical employ the highest specification equipment, dedicated staff and excellent resources to offer our customers a premium analytical service

Keane Analytical can offer a complete service from review of analytical methods, to method development, method validation and stability trials. Our experienced staff can provide advice on the validity of your existing methods and if necessary develop a new method and then validate this method to ICH guidelines. All associated reports and protocols can be prepared by Keane Analytical to remove any problems from the customer. At the beginning of a project, we would be happy to carry out a cross transfer exercise, if appropriate.

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We have a wide range of analytical equipment that is regularly calibrated / performance qualified and has a fully documented history. We have the following instruments and techniques available: chromatography systems including HPLC, GC and IC; spectrophotometers (IR, AA and UV); dissolution (USP 1 and 2); titrations including autotitrators and Karl Fischer; viscometry; ion selective measurements; refractive index; pH; Kjeltec; physical testing of dosages (including, disintegration and dimensions). Please click here for a full list (.PDF file). If the instrument / technique you require is not listed, please contact us for further information as we have many more techniques available.

In addition to customer methods, we also carry out analysis following pharmacopoeial techniques, please click here for a full list (.PDF file).

If you have a specific requirement, we will be happy to review your request and provide a quotation for your analysis.

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  • Professional analytical services
  • Method development
  • Method validation to ICH guidelines
  • Stability studies with ICH storage facilities
  • Wide range of analytical techniques
  • Analysis of raw materials and finished products
  • Fast turnaround of analysis for sample release
  • Technical advice and review of documentation
  • Cross transfer of customer methods

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